Monday, March 19, 2012

$AAPL trade that could make a car payment

UPDATE: I just closed the lower leg of this winning weekly trade. I bought back my credit put spread for $.03.
3/19: sold weekly Iron condor (575/570 - 630/635). for this i collected $823.16 (8x)
3/23: bought back the lower leg 575/570 for -.03x800 = -39.41
this 1week trade netted me 783.75.
yesterday i posted that i repeated it into this week at 570/565 - 625/630 for $1.1 10x so took in abt 1100. will post updates on that one too.

I you think $aapl will stay between 570 and 630 between now and friday? here's a trade for abt $.97 iron condor.
Sell to open 570/565 credit put spread and Sell to open Credit call spread 630/635.
For that you collect about .97 x900 = 900ish (may change a bit if it takes me too long to type this note).
estimated stats: 75%+ chance of max profit; abt .2 rew/risk.
The stats on chart assume 9x lot. if u wait till end of day u may need to reset lower/higher depends on aapl move from now.
BTW: not a recommendation; play at ur own risk and always one should only risk money one can afford to lose.