Friday, March 16, 2012

my best $goog trade ever

On 2/23 i sold to open Mar $GOOG Iron condor 570/555 - 635/650.
I did this 14x and took in net credit of $3,792.49.
This is wider than my usual 1wide spreads but i knew that i could manage it to expire in Mar.
Really I wanted to strangle it but since I have a rule of not selling any naked strikes (refer to my list of mistakes i will never repeat), I decided to make the spread much wider than usual.

3/16: I let it expire worthless for full profit of 3792.49.

I picked bottom levels that had served as good support for goog and the top mark seem to be very strong resistant. unlike $aapl, I believed that $goog is unloved so not likely to get parabolic moves.
Risk management: I never intended to let the price get too close to my strikes; i would have reset the condor to keep price towards middle of it WITHOUT going into April. this is not a trade I would put going into earns. I usually don't play earnings but if I did I would pick a direction and set a trade up for that.